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Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring is here!

Not only are the houses green in Brytan, but the wonderful street trees are showing their green side! The many plants in the Butterfly Garden are beginning to bloom and the entire area looks great. This time of year is perfect for strolling on the trails and envisioning what your home could look like. Brytan is the place to live if you believe in sustainable design, energy conservation and walkable communities. Go and enjoy the wonderful weather!!


  1. I found Brytan by accident when I was driving past down SW 75th Street on the way to visit friends in Meadows of Kanapaha. It looked so pretty that we did a quick drive thru just to see what was there.

    We discovered one of the nicest little playground that we have found in this area. It had the neatest playground equipment that my kids had a blast on...it easn't just your usual swingset & slide. We also discovered a great paved trail right next to it and I'm going to bring my kids back to learn to ride their bikes in a place that is safe and I don't have to worry about cars.

    The whole neighborhood is really beautiful. If I can convince the hubby to sell our house, this seems like exactly the type of neighborhood I'd like to raise the kids in.

  2. Me too! That playground is awesome. My kids love it and I like the benches where I can sit and easily keep an eye on the kids.

    I talked to one of the Founders and the park is called "Carl's Corner" after Carl Brice. His family owns the company that created this community and they wanted to honor him. Kind of a neat story.