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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Window Comparison Examples

The upper image here shows a double-hung, traditional wood-style window installation. The lower image shows a typical single-hung aluminum window. You can see how the upper image shows the shadows created by the window being installed into the wall, rather than on the face. It creates a sill at the bottom and reveals the depth of the wall. Also, the muntins (grid bars) are dimensional on the exterior of the glass, creating another layer of depth.

On the lower image, you can barely make out the grid behind the reflection on the glass surface. The glass is pushed out almost even with the trim around the windows, giving the facade a very "flat" look.


  1. Thanks Jennifer! Those photos illustrate very well the point that I was trying to make about the detail work that we are promoting in Brytan. Remember...mutins matter!!

  2. Oops...that is muntins, not mutins.