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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Greener Lawn, With No Grass

In 2007 a couple of students from the University of Florida finished up an 18 month project -- a documentary about our obsession with lawns -- with grass, with mowers, with fertilizer and water. Visitors to Brytan are often confused by the lack of lawn, and not sure they are ready to give their weekly foray around the yard with a lawn mower. This presentation may help you think differently about what has become an American tradition with questionable value. It is titled "Gimme Green" and you can watch it on the website: http://www.gimmegreen.com/updates/seeGG.htm

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  1. There is a new post on the Sustainable Design Group blog about New Urbanism and Carbon Footprints that has a great comparison of water use in a standard neighborhood compared to an more urban neighborhood. It also has a link to the the new website where you can compare carbon footprints in Gainesville: